Areas of Expertise

Communications Solutions for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, and Students

Communications Strategy

Strong writing is important, especially for nonprofits and small businesses lacking the resources of corporate competitors. However, communications is not just effective prose. Above all, you need forethought and a clear strategy. 

Left Brain Write Mind will work with your team to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. First, we review your materials to determine what is—and what is not—working. After that, we'll consult with your team to determine your needs and capacity. In other words, we won't devise a corporate-sized plan for a two-person communications team.

Ultimately, you'll receive a workable strategy that promotes your short-term goals and sets you up to achieve your long-term mission.



Content Creation and Management

Content is critical to your brand, and it connects you with your audience. Moreover, content is your opportunity to make a strong and lasting first impression. 

So, what are the keys to effective content?

First, be authentic. Second, speak in a singular voice. Third—and we can't stress this enough—proofread! Error-ridden messaging is equivalent to showing up to an interview in yesterday's wrinkled shirt.

Therefore, never underestimate the importance of brand-consistent content. We can help you amplify your website, newsletters, press releases, marketing materials, giving campaigns, social media platforms, and more.



Have you ever read a speech off a Power Point deck? If so, you need us.

Every speech we write is crafted to fit your speaking patterns and personality. Therefore, conversations with the speaker are critical to the writing process. In addition, we consider the speech's content, context, and audience.

Likewise, we are happy to draft speeches in your preferred format. For instance, long-form narrative or bulleted talking points.

We have experience writing:

  • Keynote speeches for leadership of a national nonprofit organization.
  • Talking points for SES-level government personnel.
  • Opening remarks for an advertising industry awards ceremony.

One-on-One Consulting and Editing

Left Brain Write Mind was born out of a desire to help prospective college students write compelling personal statements. For more than a decade, we have consulted on and edited applications for admission to academic and professional programs.

Consequently, clients have been accepted to Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Tufts, University of Chicago, and the NYC Teaching Fellows. Meanwhile, thanks to repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations, our business has successfully branched out over the years.

And, yes, a loyal client even commissioned us to write the script for her wedding ceremony.