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Support in times of crisis or tragedy

5 Things to Consider Before You Publicly Respond to a Crisis or Tragedy

When the country is in turmoil, how should you respond? In the wake of unrelenting tragedies that have captured the nation's attention, silence can be seen as indifference or complicity ...
future of communication

The Next Frontier of Communication

The days of pay phones and long-distance rates seem almost as distant a memory as telegrams and carrier pigeons. As smartphones have essentially become an extension of ourselves, some people ...
Data journalism

How FiveThirtyEight Turned Data Into Journalism

For U.S. news junkies, the first name that comes to mind when you hear “data journalism” is FiveThirtyEight. This predictive analytics site has set the standard for data journalism in ...
American flag

The Big Data of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

If there was one certainty in a world after Brexit, it was that the United States was poised to elect its first female president, and in doing so return some ...
News on tablet

The Open Culture of Crisis

“Extra, extra, read all about it.” In the good ol’ days, people got their news for the cost of a daily newspaper. As news consumption habits have shifted to the ...
Remote control

The Algorithm of Bingeing

As established in last week’s blog, Netflix is – in a manner of speaking – crushing it. Not only is Netflix the most trusted in Australia, it’s also the most-loved ...