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Popcorn and a Movie

The Netflix and Chill Brand

Netflix revolutionized cinematic and television culture. It turned television into a medium that is valued as highly – both creatively and financially – as the film industry. In its infancy, ...
Loss of Truth and Loss of Trust in Government

Fake News, Real Trust Issues

What happens when a journalist reaches a conclusion with which you disagree? Fake news. What happens when a government agency releases statistics that disprove your argument? Fake news. The current ...
Coffee and spoon

Starbucks Subtle Mastery of UGC

Starbucks is internationally renowned for two things: the consistency of its beverages and the inevitable misspelling of customers’ names on their cups. Starbucks spelling mistakes first went viral in 2013, ...
Students holding paper with smiley faces and frowns

The Homework Gap: A Civil Rights Issue

In 1954, the Supreme Court of the United States held that the long-standing policy of separate but equal education facilities is inherently unequal and unconstitutional. Sixty-four years later, students across ...

Geo-Blocking and the Subjective Freedom of the Internet

Freedom is inherently subjective. During a recent discussion, a peer posed the question, “Do we have complete freedom on the internet?” From an American perspective, the question isn’t about the ...
Doctor holding piggy bank

Level Four

Level four. Fourteen months ago, these two words meant nothing to me. But for the past year, they have defined me. Level four is the rate at which I am ...