Just My Mazel

Just My Mazel: Generally sarcastic. Usually honest. Always opinionated.

This is not about deep analysis or investigative journalism. It’s just a place to escape when you’re just in the mood for someone to call it like they see it.

The way we see it, if people didn’t want us to comment, they wouldn’t make it so comically easy.


Doctor holding piggy bank

Level Four

Level four. Fourteen months ago, these two words meant nothing to me. But for the past year, they have defined ...
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Llama standing guard

Suburban Girl Goes Rural: A Comedy of Errors

“I give up.” It was the only thing left to say. Defeated, I looked toward my friends; they stared back ...
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Social Media Engagement

Thank You, Captain Obvious

*Disclaimer: I am neither a mental health professional nor a scientific researcher, I am merely a person who likes to ...
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The Power of the Four-Letter Word

Moist. Smock. Panties. Nourish. Supper. Panties. Womb. Aspic. Panties.All of these words are seemingly harmless. They neither contain profanity nor ...
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Mastering the Art of the Holiday Greeting Letter

The 2011 holiday season is upon us.Christmas decorations light up the streets as neighbors try to prove who among them ...
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Capitol Hill

The World According to Congress

Imagine the following scenario:On the first day of class in January, a professor hands you a syllabus listing a March ...
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